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Watching Table 47 Has Never Been More Fun

There’s a new way to enjoy TABLE 47.  Our distributor, Indie Rights, now has its own channel.  This is the first site where you can see all the EXTRAS and BEHIND THE SCENES features about TABLE 47.  These have never been available before.


Click HERE to see what we’ve added for your entertainment.

Table 47 lead actor Michael Haskins also stars in The Aviation Cocktail and that excellent film is now available on the Indie Rights channel.

On the Indie Rights channel you can see TABLE 47 and hundreds of excellent independent movies from tense dramas, lol comedies, informative documentaries, griping horror tales, and even children’s movies.

A monthly subscription is about the cost of a cup of coffee and there’s a free trial so you can check it out with no obligation.

 Hope you love this new way to watch movies!

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