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Baseball and Table 47

Levine I’ve known Ken Levine for many years from our time as Major League baseball  announcers. Ken with Seattle and San Diego and then as host of the L.A.  Dodgers post game talk-show.  Me as the broadcaster for the Colorado Rockies.  I had heard of Ken long before we met in a broadcast booth.  Ken is an Emmy  winner.  He and partner David Isaacs wrote many episodes of MASH, Cheers and other hit comedy shows.  Whenever I see one of those shows, I always look for his name in the credits. I usually see it, if not as a writer then as a Creative Consultant or director.  Ken has a highly acclaimed blog and featured Table 47 in a recent post.  Here it is:

You can see Table 47 now on your favorite sites for watching movies.  Click the “Order Table 47” tab at the top of the page.

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