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What’s in a Name

Where do you get character names?  It’s a question that gets asked a lot. For the main character Peter Gryszek, the inspiration was a baseball player named Doug Gwosdz, pronounced Goosh.  He was a catcher who played for the San Diego Padres in the early ‘80s.  I always remembered him because of the spelling of […]

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Location, Location, Location…

Table 47 was shot in 19 days spread over 8 weeks.  Our main set was a wonderful bistro.  The owners let us use it on Sundays and Mondays, the days they were closed.  They didn’t expect a small army every one of those days or our moving almost every table and anything that wasn’t nailed […]

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Coming Attractions

I hope you’ve had a chance to view the trailer for Table 47 elsewhere on this site.  We’ve all seen hundreds of trailers or previews while at the theater.  Trailers are an art form.  The key is to tell just enough about the story to intrigue people and yet not give anything away.  A trailer […]

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It’s a Wrap

I’m Jeff Kingery, the director of Table 47.  I’m thrilled to tell all our friends that we have completed post-production.  Theoretically, that means we can show it in theaters, on Blue Ray and make it available for download through numerous internet sites.  Exciting stuff!  But we still have a few things to do before we […]

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