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What They Do – Data Wrangler

Charlie Fink was our data wrangler on Table 47.  The title sounds like a digital cowboy and in a sense that’s correct.  Each day at the end of shooting, Charlie’s job was to corral the digital cards the picture and sound were recorded on and transfer that data to hard drives for storage.  Later, the editor would work with those files to put the movie together.  

Charlie Fink (l) with co-producer Michael Brody on the set of Table 47. Photo by Dave Schaaf

Charlie Fink (left) with co-producer Michael Brody.
Photo by Dave Schaaf

Charlie was also in charge of additional photography.  The pictures on phones and computers that you see in the movie were shot by him. Charlie created the “making of” segment that will be included on Blue Rays and other sources.  He interviewed the cast and crew and shot video of their preparation for scenes.  He’ll edit all of that into a story that will give viewers a behind the scenes look at how the movie came together.

If that isn’t enough, Charlie is the “Wizard of the Website.”  He created the Table 47 site you are now on, and is responsible for its ever changing and updated style and content.

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