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Extra Credit

If they do their job right, they never stand out.  Yet without them, a scene would look empty.  They are the extras.  People who don’t have lines, but fill the background and make a scene seem real.   Much of the action in Table 47 takes place at Gryzsek’s.  In many of the scenes the […]

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The Ferrari that Christopher drives was loaned to us by John Babos.  He is a Ferrari aficionado and collector and a friend.  I met him by chance several years ago and when we needed an exotic car for Table 47, I knew immediately whom to contact.  The car is a 1972 Dino.  Perfect condition and […]

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What They Do – Data Wrangler

Charlie Fink was our data wrangler on Table 47.  The title sounds like a digital cowboy and in a sense that’s correct.  Each day at the end of shooting, Charlie’s job was to corral the digital cards the picture and sound were recorded on and transfer that data to hard drives for storage.  Later, the […]

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What’s in a Name

Where do you get character names?  It’s a question that gets asked a lot. For the main character Peter Gryszek, the inspiration was a baseball player named Doug Gwosdz, pronounced Goosh.  He was a catcher who played for the San Diego Padres in the early ‘80s.  I always remembered him because of the spelling of […]

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Location, Location, Location…

Table 47 was shot in 19 days spread over 8 weeks.  Our main set was a wonderful bistro.  The owners let us use it on Sundays and Mondays, the days they were closed.  They didn’t expect a small army every one of those days or our moving almost every table and anything that wasn’t nailed […]

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