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Our First Film Festival

I was elated when I opened emails on November 14.  One was from the directors of the Borrego Springs Film Festival informing us that we had been accepted!  Table 47 will screen as an official entry on Saturday January 17.

To Mike Brody and me, this is validation for all of our cast and crew who worked so hard and brought all of their skills to the production.  And we hope it is the first of many festivals we will be accepted at.

A film takes on a life of its own.  Mike wrote it.  We cast it.  The crew was hired.  I directed the movie.  The editor pieced it all together and the composer added the final touch with the score.

We had a movie and it was time to find out how others felt about it.  It is tough to get into any film festival.  The competition is intense.  There are hundreds of talented filmmakers and only so many time slots available over the days of a festival.

As producers, Mike and I looked at many festivals trying to decide if our film noir mystery was a fit.  It is difficult to know what a festival is looking for and as a result, you can’t be disappointed when you are rejected.  Most independent filmmakers say if you get into 10% of the festivals you enter, you have done well.

So we are excited about this one.  Borrego Springs is a desert community northeast of San Diego.  The natural beauty of the area has long attracted filmmakers.  Over 60 films have been shot there.

The Borrego Springs Film Festival runs January 15-19, 2015.  Tickets are available at

Hope we’ll see you there!

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