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Official Table 47 Movie Poster has Arrived!

Since I was a college student, I’ve collected movie posters.  They are called one sheets, 27″ by 41,” and you see them in theaters.  Here is ours.


A poster gives you a sneak peek at what the movie is all about.  When we listed ideas for ours, we wanted a hint of romance and to show impending trouble.  So the designer, Rafa Boté, gave us our two main characters in an idyllic moment (your eye is attracted to them first), but then shattered that with the gun and the blood on the table.  Rafa told me he started with the table.  He said he wanted the table to be another character, one with its own story to tell.  Interesting take and he built the poster from there.  A one sheet usually has a tag line, a sentence or two that sets up the movie.  “At Table 47…everyone should have reservations” is a nice play on words.  I think it adds to the mystery.

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