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Music to Our Ears

When looking for a song to cover the closing credits, I wanted a piece that summed up what we had just seen and carried one character’s distinct point of view and message.  Pretty specific and not easy to find.

Friends of mine who have a band had a terrific song.  It featured a male singer and they were willing to change pronouns and some words so it would make sense being sung by a woman.  Who would sing it?  I liked the voice of the woman who did the background vocals.  When I talked with her and told her about the movie she suggested a different song, one she had recorded on her own.  Halfway through that song, I knew IT was the one.  It had the right words, the right tone and the singer was tremendous.

Her name is Kandyce Knight.  She was born in Denver.  She hopes to follow in the footsteps of the great female blues legends like Billie Holliday and Etta James, but let me add that she has a style and voice all her own.  Her dream is to do a duet with her idol, blues master B.B. King.

courtesy Kymora Jaxson Photography

Kymora Jaxson

Kandyce not only sings the song we used in Table 47, she wrote it.  It’s entitled RUN.  You can hear a sample on this website and also find a link to all of Kandyce’s music.

Music is a huge part of any film.  Ours is that much richer with Kandyce Knight’s haunting and sultry voice and all-knowing lyrics.

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